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RaceforCure   Race for Cure

Race for Cure  



We have proudly designed the TEAM BMS National Race for the Cure website for Bristol-Myers Squibb Company from 2000-2002.

Ferret Universe  


An informational site containing comprehensive information on the domestic ferret. Also features many interactive areas.


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Store front site containing 4 sections:


  • For Ferrets Only (items and informative information for the domestic ferret)

  • Here's to Health (healthy products for people and pets)

  • Komacha Kids (items for babies)


  • Wildlife & Exotic Rescues (Dedicated to all those helping injured, abused and needy animals of all kinds!)


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We Want Cheap Books  

Interactive web site that links buyers and sellers together for affordable college books.


  • Provides seller account management panel to provide full control of their listings.


  • Provides advanced serarch capability to always ensure the end user receives the results they were looking for that are availale in the database.


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Joint Jigger  


Store Front website utilizing OSCommerce.


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Ferret Rescue Shelter located in Maryland. Providing adoption/rescue for the domestic ferret, as well as informative information.


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